Cat and Girl - ROBOT ARTIST in “Artificial Intelligence”

Cat and Girl apply the second Cartesian test.

Yes, it’s an old favorite hobbyhorse on this site. Remember kids: the Turing test is a simplified version of something that Descartes said better three centuries beforehand! To be intelligent requires not only the power of speech but also the power of creativity:

although such machines might execute many things with equal or perhaps greater perfection than any of us, they would, without doubt, fail in certain others from which it could be discovered that they did not act from knowledge, but solely from the disposition of their organs: for while reason is an universal instrument that is alike available on every occasion, these organs, on the contrary, need a particular arrangement for each particular action; whence it must be morally impossible that there should exist in any machine a diversity of organs sufficient to enable it to act in all the occurrences of life, in the way in which our reason enables us to act.

René Descartes - Discourse on the Method, Part 5